Best Boat Covers Buying Guide

The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Boat Covers

When you own a boat, it seems there’s always some new accessory that you need to keep your boat protected and healthy, with many people enforcing the importance of finding the best boat cover. However, a boat cover shouldn’t be viewed as just an optional accessory, as these are essential in protecting your boat and adding years of life to it.

Finding the best boat cover is no easy feat, though, with hundreds of options now available and all of them making claims to be the best. When you’re looking for something to protect your pride and joy, you’ll want to know which products are actually just as good as they say, so you might spend hours looking through boat cover reviews just to find a match.

Cover for Boats

If you’re a boat owner, any free time you have will probably be spent on the water, and the last thing you want to be doing is reading reviews and weighing up options to find the best boat cover.

Although it might put some people off having to spend money on a boat cover, you need to consider just how important it is for maintaining the quality and life of your boat. Just one simple investment in one of the best boat cover options on the market, and you can keep it protected from the sun, water, and wind, that can do serious damage over the years without being noticed until it’s too late to act.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you to show you the must-have features you’ll want in a cover, and which of the brands are most popular with the modern sailor. Once you have a correctly fitted and high-quality cover on your boat, you’ll be extending its life by years and ensuring it’s always working in the best condition.

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MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover
Classic Accessories Storm Pro Boat Cover
Brightent Boat Cover

The Importance Of Choosing A Quality Boat Cover

Our boats are a serious investment, and for many of us, they’re our most beloved possessions. Whether you take yours out for a spot of fishing when the weather is nice or use it more regularly, you’re always doing what you can to keep it protected.

Boats are built tough, but the harsh conditions of the water, wind, and sun that they’re constantly exposed to can gradually take their toll. When you combine all of these potentially harmful factors, it makes sense to invest in boat cover support that can offer you all of the following:

  • Keeps your boat free from dust and debris;eeps your boat free from dust and debris;
  • ​Protects from the sun and prevents fading and cracking;
  • ​Adds a level of protection to your boat from potential theft;
  • play-circle-o​Keeps animals and insects out of our boat when not in use;
  • play-circle-o​Repels moisture and water in all settings;

For many boat owners, their boats are the most costly thing they own, so just as you’d keep your car protected in a garage or under some form of shade, so too should you do the same with your boat.

Whether you’re transporting it from home to the water or need something to keep it safe while it’s being moored, the easiest solution is to invest in a high quality and heavy duty waterproof boat cover that will keep it safe when you can’t be around to keep an eye on it.

Features To Look For In A Boat Cover

Nowadays, there are so many styles out there all claiming to be the best boat cover, so you really need to think about your vessel and which cover would suit it. Consider things like the usual climate and weather conditions where you live, how and where your boat is stored, and whether you transport it long distances.

Boat Cover Covering a Boat

All of these considerations will help you choose the best boat cover for your needs and one that’s going to be tough enough to protect your most prized possession. Here are a few features to think about in terms of what would suit your boat, so you can be sure you’re choosing the best one.


With so many different sizes and styles of boat, there’s not going to be a one size fits all option that works for everyone. Before deciding on the best boat cover you need to know the measurements of your vessel as well as any other features or accessories you might want to be covered as well. Most brands of boat covers offer various sizes so you can easily fit it to yours.


The boat cover material chosen is crucial as this will determine how protective it is. Look for something that’s marine grade which means it’s specially designed for the water, and you’ll be off to a good start with the best boat cover material.

Ease Of Use

The last thing you want is to spend hours strapping the cover onto your boat every time you use it, so look for features such as elastic hemming which allows you to easily slide and secure the cover over your boat.


One of the biggest features that will hold importance in keeping your boat protected is waterproofing, so ensure that your boat cover offers this. The waterproof ability of a boat cover will come from the material and how firmly it sits on your boat and keeps water and moisture out.

Our Top Picks For Best Boat Cover

No matter your budget or style of boat cover, we’ve found the best on the market today to show you the quality you should be looking for. With our help, you’ll be able to narrow down the best boat cover for your vessel and be on your way to a happy and healthy boat for years to come.

Best Boat Cover #1: MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover

When you want only the best and toughest protection for your pride and joy, you want a boat cover that offers the same amount of strength as the MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover. This tough cover is made from 600D marine grade polyester canvas which means it can withstand just about anything the water and sun can throw at it.

MSC are no strangers to making boating accessories so they know exactly what’s important for the modern sailor. Their Heavy Duty 600D Boat Cover is ideal for all scenarios including mooring, long-term storage, and transport, and it’s resistant to mildew and UV. Whether you have it stored away waiting to be used or out and about on the water regularly, this is one boat cover that will give you absolute peace of mind.

MSC Heavy Duty 600D

This boat cover fits on with a tight elastic around it so it’s ideal for many different sizes, but there are a few you can choose from to fit your boat.

MSC offers a three-year warranty on their Heavy Duty Boat Cover so you don’t need to worry about replacing it for years to come, and it also features some extras like an adjustable strap and storage bag you can keep it in when not in use.

The only real negative reviews you’ll find for this boat cover is due to the sizing, where people found that certain sizes didn’t fit their boats and had to return them.

Other than that, the overwhelming response is that this is far more heavy duty than people thought especially thanks to the price, and it’s done a top job of keeping their boat protected from just about everything.

Best Boat Cover #2: Classic Accessories Storm Pro Boat Cover

For those boat owners who need a tough cover for their prized possession and have plenty of cash to spend, you can’t go past the Classic Accessories Storm Pro Boat Cover. Although this one is far more expensive than others on the market, it has plenty of features to make it a worthy investment, so you’ll truly feel that you go value for every dollar you spent.

The Classic Accessories Storm Pro Boat Cover is as tough as the name suggests and made from marine grade canvas that won’t stretch, shrink, or break, and they cover this with a massive five-year warranty.

Classic Accessories Review

This is some of the toughest canvas you’ll find in the market of boat covers so you don’t need to give a second thought to the safety of your boat if it’s covered with this product from Classic Accessories.

Although this has been designed with freeway travel in mind, some of the reviews claim they were hesitant to do their usual speed as it seemed a little unstable. If you travel far distances with your boat or want a cover for more than just mooring, you might want to look for something with a better travel system in place.

One of the best things about the Classic Accessories Storm Pro Boat Cover is just how versatile it is with the boats that it can fit.

There are a number of different size options to choose from, but also plenty of ways to adjust your cover to perfectly fit your boat. Features like the cross straps give you that extra peace of mind it will be protected, no matter what size or style of boat you own.

Best Boat Cover #3: Brightent Boat Cover

When you want your boat to be protected but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, there’s no need to get something cheap and flimsy. The Brightent Boat Cover is a quality made cover that won’t cost an arm and a leg, so you can feel secure knowing that your boat is being protected.

The Brightent Boat Cover is made from 600D woven polyester with a PU coating and it’s marine grade which makes it waterproof. Although not as tough or heavy duty in feeling as compared to some of the other boat covers on the market, it will get the job done and keep your boat safe and dry when you need it most.

The best thing about the Brightent Boat Cover is that it comes with a few extra features you won’t’ find anywhere else, including the storage bag and an 18-meter belt which you can use for an extra tight cover of your boat. When you consider how little this boat cover costs, you’ll be surprised at all of the extra they were able to include.

This boat has an elastic hem bottom that will keep it secure and dry for travel, storage or mooring, and there are three different sizes you can choose from. There’s no lengthy warranty offered on the Brightent Boat Cover so it would be best suited as a temporary fix for someone looking to upgrade for a long-term investment in a boat cover, as it will certainly keep your boat protected but won’t last for many years as other brands can.

The Final Verdict

No matter what type of boat you have or what size it is, all boat owners understand just how important it is to keep it protected. For many of us, our boats are our most prized possessions and we take just as much care of them when they’re not in the water as when they are. For that reason, investing in a quality boat cover is something that doesn’t need a second thought.

When thinking about what’s really important for boat owners in terms of security, strength, and peace of mind, our number one choice for the best boat cover has to be the MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover.

This ticked all of the boxes for what a boat owner really needs, and it performs just as well during travel or mooring. Best of all, it’s reasonably priced as a mid-range boat cover so there’ s no need to spend a fortune just to get something good quality.