7 Small Boat Shows You Should Try To Visit

7 Small Boat Shows You Should Try To Visit

Boating is a hobby that is so much more enjoyable when it is shared with other lovers of all things nautical. If you take immense pride in the boat that you have, there are few better places to express that feeling than at small boat shows. Boat shows are popular across the world, but small boat shows have something special.

These exhibitions don’t exist to show off massive super-yachts like many other shows that have a nautical theme. Instead, small boat shows focus on individual boats and their makers instead of towering marine marvels that are the size of small towns. You may be impressed to learn that this does not diminish these shows in any way.

In fact, we would argue that small boat shows are even more impressive because there is such a wide variety of vessels and people that you will come across. Regardless, we have droned on for long enough about small boat shows, so let’s get right into things by moving on to our first show.

Los Angeles Boat Show

If you are looking for Los Angeles boat shows, then this one will likely strike your interest. This year’s boat show was held at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA, and it had quite a few stand-out attractions. From lessons in Stand-Up Paddle for the kids to powerboats for boat lovers, the show had everything.

Los Angeles Boat Show

There are some who will argue that the Los Angeles Boat Show is the best one on the west coast, but there are a few other claimants to that title as well. Price is relatively reasonable, with adults having to spend 15 dollars per day on their tickets and free attendance for children under 12.

New York Boat Show

Heading over to the other coast, the best of the NYC boat shows is most likely the New York Boat Show, and it is certainly the largest. At this show, you will find everything from mini-fishing vessels all the way up to pleasure cruisers, as it is known for its wide variety of impressive craft.

As with most other boat shows, you will have the display floor where you will be able to take a look at what is coming out this year, and you will also have seminars and presentations to attend. Prices start at 16 dollars for an adult ticket, so it is just a little bit more expensive than some other shows.

Suncoast Boat Show

For those of you on the hunt for Sarasota boat shows, we have one that is pretty well-renowned in the Suncoast Boat Show. A place like Sarasota makes for the ideal boat show location, and it is evident through its popularity. The 36th annual boat show took place relatively recently down at Marina Jack in Sarasota. Unlike some of the other shows on this list, you will find that the Suncoast Boat Show features a little more variety in the vessels that are in attendance. This isn’t strictly a small boat show as you are likely to come across large vessels such as yachts as well. Regardless, there is still an abundance of smaller craft.

Mid Atlantic Boat Show

When it comes to mid-Atlantic boat shows, there is only one show that can take the name, and it is the one that is held in Charlotte, NC, at the Charlotte Convention Center. This show tends to focus on boats that are a little smaller and more personal than many of the other presentations and expositions.

Mid Atlantic Boat Show

Of course, you will still have access to all of the presentations that you can expect to find at other boat shows, and you will see many of the newest offerings at the Mid Atlantic Boat Show. If you are a fan of jet skis, there is often an impressive display of those craft at this show as well.

Sacramento Boat Show

While Sacramento may not seem like the most obvious location for a boat show, you will find that the one that is hosted there is one of the largest in the US. If you are interested in smaller boats, the Sacramento Boat Show is likely the best one for you as they have a wide assortment of those vessels.

From fishing boats to rigid-hulled inflatables, you will find everything at the Sacramento Boat Show, but the fun doesn’t stop with the craft. When you attend this boat show, you will also be able to take a look at the new generation of boating electronics that will be coming out soon.

Annapolis Boat Shows

This entry is going to be a little different from the rest of the list, as it is actually a set of varying boat shows that are run by the same company. If you are looking for some of the best boat shows in the world (in-water, that is), you will want to head over to Annapolis, the city with quite a bit of naval tradition.

Aside from training the US Navy’s next generation of officers, Annapolis is known for its beautiful seaside location, and it makes for an excellent location for boat shows. Any number of their in-water boat shows that cater to small craft would be an ideal fit for this list, but there are too many to count.

New England Boat Show

Located in Boston, the New England Boat Show is an exhibition that contains craft from some of the biggest manufacturers on the market. Aside from an easily-accessible location at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, this show will present some of the most impressive advancements in boating for the year.

New England Boat Show

New England is a place with plenty of boating heritage, and it makes sense that one of the top boating shows in the country will be located in Boston.


As you can see, there are plenty of excellent boat shows to attend throughout the US. If any of these are located close to you, don’t hesitate to attend them, as they will be guaranteed fun for any lover of all things aquatic.