Remote Control Trolling Motor Guide

Remote Control Trolling Motor Guide

Whether you’re a professional angler or just enjoy fishing as a hobby, you probably find yourself always on the lookout for new and improved ways to land yourself a catch. Anyone who enjoys light tackle casting will be especially keen to hear about ways to make life easier on the water, and a remote control trolling motor might just be it.

If you’ve ever been out fishing on a boat, you likely already know the benefits that a remote control trolling motor can have. These motors offer the perfect way to sneak up on fish without causing a scene, but they also come with some other perks as well.

We’re going to take a further look at the remote control trolling motor and what exactly it offers your next fishing experience. You could even learn how to make one for yourself, and save a lot of money buying one that’s brand new and assembled, provided you’re willing to put in a bit of hard work to make it so.

What Is A Remote Control Trolling Motor?

Trolling Motor On Boat

A trolling motor attaches to either the bow or stern of a boat and is a self-contained unit that features a motor and propeller. These motors are favored by anglers as they allow you to move slowly through the water with minimal noise and vibration in the water, which in turn helps to keep the fish close by.

When you’re not using your trolling motor, it’s usually lifted up out of the water and stays there until you need to move again. This prevents the drag that occurs from having the motor in the water, and it’s usually picked up and repositioned here whenever you need.

A remote control trolling motor comes with some additional features that mean there’s no need to manually lift it up from the water or make adjustments by hand. With your remote control, you can handle the whole thing and further reduce the impact you’re making on your surroundings.

The Benefits Of An RC Trolling Motor

Boat Fishing

Remote controlled trolling motors are no doubt one of the biggest innovations that anglers have seen in years. The benefits of having one of these attached to your boat are pretty amazing, so it’s an investment that will definitely pay off if you’re a serious fisherman. These are just some advantages you might experience with an RC trolling motor on board:


The most obvious advantage for the angler is the stealth factor that these motors add. You won’t disturb any fish so you can give yourself the best chance to make a catch, and it moves you quietly and seamlessly through the water.


When you’re fishing, the less you can do that takes up your concentration the better. When you’re holding your rod in the water, you don’t want to have to make your way to the motor and pull it out of the water. Using the remote, you can easily pull up or move your trolling motor and keep on with the task at hand.

Control And positioning

Having a bow mounted trolling motor means your boat is able to be pulled through the water rather than pushed, which makes it a lot easier. Getting this precise control and positioning is key to boating, and not just something that anglers would appreciate.

How Can You Convert Your Regular Motor Into A Remote Controlled Device?

DIY Remote Controlled Trolling Motor

Most fishermen already have a trolling motor attached to their boat, whether it’s on the stern or the bow. So, is it possible to upgrade this to a remote-controlled device without having to pay extra and invest in a completely new and modern motor?

The short answer is yes, but of course, it will depend on your own skills. You can easily modify an existing trolling motor by adding an additional motor and wireless control mechanism, but this will cost money to experiment with and will also require some tinkering on your part.

For those who don’t consider themselves mechanically minded, investing in a remote control trolling motor is the best option. This way, you’ll be getting the best product available and won’t run the risk of damaging your existing motor when you try and experiment with adding the new parts.

Whatever option you decide on though, it’s obvious that the benefits of these types of automatic motors are more than worth it. Not only will your fishing success improve, but you’ll have control over your boat that you never thought possible, so a lot can be achieved with just one device.

Making Things Easy For You On The Water

Driving In Boat With Trolling Motor

As you can see, there are so many benefits to using a remote control trolling motor on the water. Whether you’re lucky enough to get one brand new or want to spend some time creating your own, you’ll really appreciate the added stealth factor and convenience that it adds to your next fishing trip.

Anything we can do to fish more effectively and efficiently is something that we’ll take on board, and this simple device can offer exactly that. If your goal is to land better fish and blend in with your surroundings on the water better, adding a remote controlled trolling motor could be just the thing you’re looking for.

By giving yourself complete control over your boat, you’re not only ensuring a better fishing experience but also a safer and more enjoyable trip out on the water. There’s not much that a trolling motor can’t do, and when you add the innovation of a remote control to the mix, they’re simply unstoppable as an angler’s best friend.