Sun Dolphin Water Tender RowBoat

Sun Dolphin Water Tender Row Boat

If you plan on trekking through open waters anytime soon, buying a well manufactured rowboat is a necessity. Rowboats pertain to a small percentage of the population, so finding a well-made one is rare.

The decline in row boat popularity is recent. Rowboats date back to hundreds of years; in fact, Romans and Vikings were documented as the first to widely incorporate row boats to their economy. Since our economy isn’t sea based, row boats are often used recreationally nowadays.

Woman in Sun Dolphin Water Tender Row Boat

Who would benefit from buying a rowboat? If you are an ardent fisher or outdoorsman, having a rowboat in your possession will come in handy.

A rowboat is not a purchase made on a whim. Rowboats generally cost under $1,000, so you need to plan for this expense. You don’t want to buy the wrong rowboat and be a couple hundred in the hole.

For basic fishing trips and cruising through nearby waters, the Sun Dolphin Rowboat is your go to accessory.

About The Product

Made by KL Industries, the Sun Dolphin Water Tender Rowboat functions as your everyday rowboat. The row boat’s versatility is what makes the product so popular amongst outdoor fanatics. In fact, you can use the boat for fishing or utility purposes.


  • Made with High Density Polyethylene
  • Comes with oarlock sockets
  • ​Spacious seating
  • ​Drink holders
  • Qualifies US Coast Guard safety standards

If you are worried about transportation, don’t be. The rowboat can easily attach to a pickup truck’s bed, or to a trailer. The rowboat won’t act as a limitation since you can take it anywhere.

The Sun Dolphin Rowboat comes with two sets of stainless steel oarlock sockets assist various rowing positions.

Sun Dolphin Water Tender Row Boat next to Dock

The boat comes with bench seats, drink holders, and a drain plug. You will appreciate all these features when you are out fishing. Having your beer tip over because of the unsteadiness of the water would ruin your fishing trip. Owning a Sun Dolphin boat ensures your fishing trips all end in success.

Insider Information

No product is perfect, but for the main part the Sun Dolphin Rowboat leaves its users satisfied.

A main concern buyers had were the cup holders. Buyers complained that the holders were not deep enough to properly hold drinks. This causes a lot of spillage, which defeats the purpose of the cup holders.

Most buyers love the lightweight feel of the rowboat. It makes it easy to transport and navigate the boat through water. The lightweight quality also promotes adding a motor to the rowboat, since the boat is already very light. The high-density polyethylene material the boat is composed of is the reason for its lightweight quality.

Even if you experience any malfunctions, the Sun Dolphin boat is backed with a 2 year warranty. Albeit, not many buyers have made use of the warranty because the boat lasts a long time.

Buying Advice

Costing under $800, the Sun Dolphin Rowboat is the perfect fishing trip companion. Buyers rave about the rowboat’s durability and versatility.

If you are interested in buying the Sun Dolphin Rowboat, there are various vendors to choose from. The official Sun Dolphin website recommends online retailers to purchase the rowboat from.

The most common online retailer to buy the Sun Dolphin Water Tender Rowboat is Amazon. You can’t go wrong with Amazon because you have hundreds of certified reviews from buyers. A majority of them highly recommend the Sun Dolphin Rowboat. In fact, there was a buyer who said his Sun Dolphin Rowboat lasted 15 years.

Sun Dolphin Water Tender Row Boat

Our Rating


My Verdict

As far as rowboats go, the Sun Dolphin Water Tender Rowboat delivers and performs. The boat sells out fast, so if I were you I would go ahead and order one immediately.